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Friday 25 May 2007

[Effectiveness of the treatment plan for androgenetic alopecia]

By: Tsiskarishvili NV, Tsiskarishvili TsI.

Georgian Med News 2007 Apr;(145):62-6

The genetic background and some environmental factors have been reported as cause of hair growth disturbances. The damage of the biological rhythm of hair growth causes the decrease of length of phase and stunted hair growth, leading to diffuse alopecia. The scheme of hair loss treatment, by means of preparations affecting pathogenetical mechanisms of diffuse hair loss development is offered. The clinical evaluation of hair post treatment condition is given as well. The clinical study has shown high therapeutic efficacy of proposed scheme for treatment of patients, suffer from "acute, chronic diffuse hair loss", androgenetical alopecia. Authors conclude that proposed scheme allows obtaining marked results.

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