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Friday 09 November 2007

[Onychomycosis: clinical, epidemiological and mycological study in the municipality of São José do Rio Preto.]

By: Martins EA, Guerrer LV, Cunha KC, Soares MM, Almeida MT.

Rev Soc Bras Med Trop 2007 Oct;40(5):596-598

This was a clinical-epidemiological and mycological study on 184 patients at the university hospital: 200 samples, 142 positive samples, 98 yeasts and 68 filamentous fungi. Candida parapsilosis (47%) and Trichophyton rubrum (38%) were prevalent. They were 100% sensitive to ketoconazole and 99% sensitive to amphotericin B. The highest prevalences were among women (80%), adults (62%) and toes (84%).

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