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Monday 21 August 2000

3-Phenyl-5-methyl-2H,5H-furan-2-ones: tuning antifungal activity by varying substituents on the phenyl ring.

By: Pour M, Spulak M, Balsanek V, Kunes J, Buchta V, Waisser K.

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2000 Aug 21;10(16):1893-5

A series of racemic 3-phenyl-5-methyl-2H,5H-furan-2-ones related to a natural product, (-)incrustoporine, was synthesized, and their antifungal activity evaluated. The key structural feature, furanone ring, was closed via H2SO4-mediated cyclization of 2-phenylpent-4-enoic acids. The compounds displayed antifungal activity, especially against filamentous fungi. Expressed as the minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) in micromol/L, the activity of the most promising derivative against Absidia corymbifera matched that of ketoconazole (31.25 micromol/L). In terms of microg/mL, the substance was more active (7.6 microg/mL) than this standard antifungal drug (16.6 microg/mL).

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