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Friday 25 August 2000

Investigation of drug release from suspension using FTIR-ATR technique: part I. Determination of effective diffusion coefficient of drugs.

By: Hanh BD, Neubert RHH, Wartewig S.

Int J Pharm 2000 Aug 25;204(1-2):145-50

Fourier transform infrared attenuated total reflectance (FTIR-ATR) spectroscopy was used to study directly the release of drug particles (ketoconazole) in a liquid medium (paraffinum liquidum). In the case of the release experiment, the formulation is placed on the ATR crystal and the acceptor membrane on the top of the ointment. The decrease of the drug content in the sediment near the interface ATR crystal-formulation in the course of the release process was quantified by monitoring the changes of the IR spectrum in relevant spectral ranges using multivariate analysis. A mathematical model based on Fick's second law with appropriate initial and boundary conditions was applied in order to determine the diffusion coefficient of the drug in the liquid medium. Knowing this value, it is possible to calculate the effective diffusion coefficient of the drug in heterogeneous semisolid formulation (Vaseline) as a function of the volume fraction of the solid phase.

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