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Sunday 01 April 2001

Drug sensitivity of Candida yeast isolated from patients with allergic diseases.

By: Arzumanyan VG, Semenov BF.

Bull Exp Biol Med 2001 Apr;131(4):346-9

Viability of 40 Candida spp. cultures was studied after long-term exposure to antifungal drugs in minimum inhibitory concentrations. The fungicidal effect decreased in the series: pimafucin-nitrofungin-diflucan-orungal-levorine-clotrimazole-exoderil. Nizoral in a concentration of 4 microg/ml was ineffective; in the rest cultures the effect was either fungistatic (of different degree) or null. Pimafucin, diflucan, nitrofungin, orungal, levorine, and exoderil possessed individual fungicidal effects.

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