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Friday 12 May 2006

Johnson & Johnson launches Nizoral 100 ml bottles in India

By: Johnson & Johnson

Janssen-Cilag, a division of Johnson & Johnson Ltd. India, has announced the launch of Nizoral ™ 100ml bottles in the Indian market. Nizoral ™, a clinically proven dandruff treatment shampoo, is now available to the consumers for Rs 185. Nizoral contains Ketoconazole, a potent ingredient used in the treatment of dandruff. Ketoconazole is an original research molecule of Janssen–Cilag which ensures long lasting relief from dandruff.

Commenting on the benefits of Nizoral, Dr. Vinod Mogre, Sr. Medical Director, Janssen – Cilag, says “Nizoral™ is a clinically proven solution to the menace of dandruff. Unlike cosmetic shampoos Nizoral™ acts at the root cause of dandruff, the fungus P.ovale and controls its proliferation”. Research on Nizoral™ demonstrated it to be clinically effective and delayed recurrence of symptoms even after discontinuation. Nizoral™ is intensively researched the world over and a study in patients with severe dandruff showed Nizoral™ to be significantly better than zinc pyrithione (ZPT) at reducing symptoms.

Dandruff is one of the most common scalp problems affecting people. Dandruff is caused by fungus P. ovale, which is usually present on our scalp, therefore it’s recurring in nature. It is invisible to the naked eye and is harmless under normal conditions. When this P.ovale exists on the scalp in an abnormally higher number sometimes 10 –20 times more than the normal level – dandruff is the result. The fungus triggers off an infection like process around the hair roots, resulting in scaling and itching, leading to dandruff. Predisposing factors which increase P.ovale levels are high humidity, hormonal changes (eg. puberty), and perspiration induced by sport.

Dandruff may occur in any age group and at any time. The condition does not occur before puberty, however, its incidence increases to a peak in late adolescence and may persist into early twenties. As middle age approaches the incidence of dandruff appears to gradually decline, falling off sharply towards the old age.

Studies have shown that the effect of Nizoral™ shampoo is present on the scalp for up to 72 hours after the last application. Hence, for preventive therapy Nizoral™ needs to be applied only once a week, for rest of the days in the week one can continue applying their regular shampoo. Unlike other medicated shampoos, Nizoral™ is a luxury shampoo with a pleasant fragrance. Nizoral is tough on dandruff yet gentle on the hair, therefore Nizoral™ can be used on normal, oily, dry, coloured and graying hair.

Commonly used hair oils, cosmetic anti-dandruff shampoos may give temporary relief from flaking and itching, which recur after a short time. Nizoral's ketoconazole binds to your scalp after washing and continues to be effective for days, uniquely ensuring long-lasting relief. Nizoral™ assures clean and healthy scalp and comes at a marginal premium price of Rs. 185 for a 100ml bottle. It is acknowledged to be a potent and effective solution to dandruff treatment and is a highly recommended dandruff treatment shampoo globally.

Nizoral™ 100ml bottles are now available at all leading general stores and chemists in the country.

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