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Tuesday 01 January 2002

Ectopic ACTH-syndrome due to a thymic carcinoid tumor.

By: Van Schaeybroeck S, Van Imschoot S, Cochez P.

Acta Clin Belg 2002 Jan-Feb;57(1):23-5

Investigating a recently developed Cushing Syndrome, we diagnosed in a 47-year-old woman an ectopic ACTH syndrome due to a metastatic carcinoid tumor, most likely a thymic carcinoid tumor. Combined therapy with sandostatin and nizoral and later on with sandostatin, metopirone and orimeten, was not able to suppress the hypercortisolism. A few weeks after surgical adrenalectomy, clinical deterioration ensued, culminating in the patient's death 7 months after diagnosis.

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