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Wednesday 01 January 2003

[Conjunctival infection due to penicillium SP]

By: Miguelez S, Obrador P, Vila J.

Arch Soc Esp Oftalmol 2003 Jan;78(1):55-7

CLINICAL CASE: We present a case of conjunctivitis in a diabetic patient in whom not improvement was observed after empiric treatment, and finally developed a conjunctival granuloma. Culture of the conjunctival exudate and histological examination of the conjunctival biopsy confirmed the infection by Penicillium sp. The antifungical treatment (local and systemic) improved signs and symtoms gradually. DISCUSSION: Penicillium sp is an infrequent cause of conjunctival infection. This diagnosis should be considered when no response after usual therapy to conjunctivitis is obtained and should be confirmed by identification of the fungus in the lesions biopsed and cultured. Succesful management of ocular penicilliosis is achieved with both local and systemic antifungal treatment.

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