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Saturday 01 March 2003

[Post traumatic subcutaneous mycosis due to Fusarium solani]

By: Chade ME, Mereles BE, Medvedeff MG, Vedoya MC.

Rev Iberoam Micol 2003 Mar;20(1):29-30

We report the case of a subcutaneous hyalohyphomycosis of a 24-year-old man, a rural worker with an ulcerative lesion in the right leg of approximately one year duration. It was caused by traumatic implantation of a yerba mate branch. The diagnosis was made by direct microscopic examination with 20% potassium hydroxide (KOH) and revealed several septate hyaline hyphae. It was confirmed by culture of several samples where Fusarium solani was isolated. The patient received local and systemic antifungal therapy. Therapeutic response could not be ascertained at any point in the disease.

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