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Wednesday 01 October 2003

Antifungal pharmacotherapy for neonatal candidiasis.

By: Bliss JM, Wellington M, Gigliotti F.

Semin Perinatol 2003 Oct;27(5):365-74

Candida is a leading cause of late onset infection (> 3 days of age) in the premature infant. Therefore, decisions about the diagnosis and management of infections caused by Candida are commonplace in the neonatal intensive care unit. Despite this fact, there are few comparative trials about treatment of neonatal Candida infections to guide the practitioner. New antifungals have been developed in the past decade and some clinical experience has been reported that can be used to guide the treatment of infants with serious Candida infections. This article reviews recent pertinent data with regard to dosing guidelines, efficacy, and toxicities of available systemic antifungal agents in the newborn.

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