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Monday 01 September 2003

[Investigation of quantitative and species composition and antifungal drug susceptibility of yeasts isolated from patients with generalized periodontitis complicated by candidosis]

By: Kutsyk RV, Pavliuk TD.

Mikrobiol Z 2003 Sep-Oct;65(5):26-9

Biological properties of 68 Candida strains isolated from parodontal pockets of patients with generalized parodontitis complicated with candidosis have been investigated. It was established that 72.1 +/- 5.43% of strains belong to Candida albicans. The clinical Candida albicans isolates display high resistance to nystatin and levorin, but they are sensitive to synthetic antifungal drugs 5-fluorocytosine, fluconazol, especially to ketoconazol, itraconazole and to antifungal antibiotic amphotericin B as well.

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