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Monday 01 December 2003

Emerging systemic pharmacologic approaches in acute respiratory distress syndrome.

By: Wiedemann HP, Arroliga AC, Komara JJ Jr.

Respir Care Clin N Am 2003 Dec;9(4):419-35

The increased understanding of the pathophysiology of ALI that has been achieved over the last decade has led to several new pharmacologic approaches for the prevention and management of ALI and ARDS. Based on in vitro information and animal model data, many of these strategies seem quite compelling. Nevertheless, to date, no specific pharmacologic approach for the prevention or treatment of ARDS has been conclusively validated in clinical trials. Active basic and clinical research continues, and it is hoped that these investigations will lead to new therapies that can be applied by the clinician to improve clinical outcomes for patients who have ALI and ARDS.

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